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At Caperci, we're passionate about supporting our customers to make healthy choices when it comes to what they eat at the office, at school, or on the go. Caperci® specializes in better, food-grade, and sustainable lunch containers tailored for kids, teens, and busy adults. Based on better quality, we share our exploration, healthy diet, and love with the world.

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Fashion Print

The new Caperci kids bento lunch box has 4 cartoon patterns, dinosaur, mermaid, shark, and unicorn. Choose a cartoon pattern to accompany your child to eat healthier.
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Versatile Bento Box

A Removable tray, with two compartments, creates 4 or 6 practical compartments portioned for a child's appetite to inspire your school lunch packing. Variety means your child will eat better!
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2 Stackable Containers

The bento box for adults has an adjustable divider on the top container. It can hold 2.4 cups of food while the bottom container holds 3.4 cups. Fill the adult lunch box with a variety of combinations for a healthier diet.
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