Caperci Gemstones

With the same brilliance as natural genuine gemstones, Caperci's Gemstone stands the test of time and style, proving to be every woman’s perfect match. A distinct and unique laser engraving marks each luxurious stone, ensuring any Caperci Gemstone accents will always remain their most brilliant. Look for the Gemtones from Caperci seal - serving as a symbol of authenticity and a promise of exceptional quality.

The Caperci seal of quality

An independent endorsement standing for Caperci’s enduring commitment to the highest standards of excellence since 1992.

The use of the special "Gemstones from Caperci" seal is a strong symbol of identification for the products of Caperci Partners, enhancing their value and providing assurance that you are buying only the finest gemstones quality.

The pure brilliance cut & GIA Standard

Caperci cut, and polish exclusively on our own company premises, guaranteeing outstanding results in color, shape, and brilliance, and meeting the topmost social and environmental standards.

By strictly adhering to the same meticulous standards for grading diamond cut quality from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Caperci has been able to develop a cut that equals the Tolkovski gemstones – the most precise diamond cut in the industry which provides the highest level of brilliance.